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Google penguins update

Few weeks since Google did its Penguin Update. Google’s happy with their new anti spam algorithm, which is improving
things as projected. But few upset and destroy due to it and they still try to find ways to recover. We caught up with
Matt Cutts, who is Google’s head of web spam team, and got great information regarding penguin update.

Is Penguin: “A Success”?
Matt Cutts believes it’s a great success in the Google history.
What About Those bizarre Results?
According to Matt cutts they have penalized numerous empty sites having no material but were on top in Google rank in
this update, Viagra official site was hacked and not shown on search engine but with penguin update they remove this bug
as well, there are quite a few examples of removing odd results according to Cutts.
Do you feel Penguin be a success story with the sort of things happening?
That several issues existed before Penguin update and were not affected by the new spam-control algorithm said by Matt
yea its true, the Viagra site problem, that is resolved now, was a big issue before Penguin update.
Prove wrong to Positives? in few cases
Few people felt they’ve been wrongly hit by Penguin update as they weren’t doing any spam thing?
Matt cutts replied that there are few cases where we want to investigate more, but penguin success rate is far better than Panda and Florida updates.
Panda Update targeted low-quality spam previous year was a success. The Florida Update 2003 was also a great success
story than why they changed?
Cutt said I have the same opinion Panda and Florida seemed to have impacted more sites than Penguin update does, but
having seen the reactions to all these updates, it’s Not possible that everyone will agree with me. Cutt said if some
sites loss there ranking but there are sites with improving ranking but you barely saw them to criticize this update.
bottom line is Google is pretty happy and confident that Penguin update really works perfectly in catching spam sites.
Why still many Spam Sites?
if Penguin update is so successful than why many spamming sites still go through with it?
No algorithm can be perfect as they also construct by humans, Google like to accomplish perfection with the passage of
time and i do believe we get better than before, said by Cutts.

Cutts also told, they have designed Penguin to capture high spam sites but few are still getting through, but Penguin
false positive ratio is so low as compared with panda and florida.
How one Can Recover?
most complex thing with this update is to tell people how to recover.
previously, if someone spammed Google, then they had to file a reconsideration request. but it does not works to those
hit by Penguin. they have to remove their spam activities than Google will recover them automatically.
One of the major reason we’ve seen while looking at the websites hit by Penguin is bad linking practices. People had
sponsored WordPress themes, bad quality reciprocal links, had bought links, such as caught and punished badly by Google.

People want to know how they pull themselves out of these link networks, if they don’t have any more control over those

It is not impossible to clean up spam according to Cutts, we recommended people to watch two important videos he’s done
on this issue.

The bottom line is, try to resolve whatever spam you can from your site.
Waiting Penguin To Update Again
If you clean up things, you’ll definitely see your traffic back in the next time Penguin update.

Another important thing comes to the mind that Penguin like Panda, is a filter that get refreshed every time. Penguin
is not constantly working but used to tag sites and things as spam in addition to Google’s regular spam filtering.

Penguin impose a site-wide punishment like Panda. Panda penalized complete site not a specific page on which spamming is
being done, it’s true and fair guess that Penguin does the same.

What does it means is that if any of your website is deemed Penguin-like, all of it may be ill with it. Again, recovery
means cleaning up the bad stuff. If you don’t cleaned up site than you will not recover, ultimately, you need to start
your site all over again Cutts said.
latest Concerns Over black hat and wrong SEO
Before Penguin update talk of negative SEO had been on top. after that, it seems to have gotten better in a few places.
I’ve seen so many posts making it sound as if somebody is now in great treat that some competitor can damage them. Google recently pin point some linking techniques. That caused many webmasters to lose traffic. Not only that, Google also sent warnings to websites having “artificial” or “unnatural” links. That created further confusion in many quarters. Then came Penguin Update, that harm more people to lose viewers as they were either penalize for back link spam or no longer get worth from link spam that was drained.

These facts forced people to think hard over bad back links that can truly hurt a site greatly. But negative SEO
concerns are old. They’ve been practiced and reported for years. Despite all, it hasn’t become a prime concern.

In Google new method it’s difficult if not impossible for others to damage a site, and it’s true. In particular pointing
wrong back links at a website with many other good signals and back links more likely someone else try to harm it. The
good work outweighs the wrong. Negative SEO has become rare and so hard. Google done a huge work to make it sure one
person can’t harm another.
Cutts also informed that Google said before. Near 700,000 messages to publishers that Google sent out at the start of
this year were not only about bad link networks. Nor all suddenly done over night. Rather, several websites have had manual as well algorithmic penalties associated to them, but those were never ever exposed. After all Google has just recently decided to open up about those.
Did Negative SEO got A Link Warning
Certainly new messages do go which was also the case with Dan Thies. He got an unnatural link warning. Soon after he lost
some of his rankings.
Thies told Google that his drop rankings were likely due to one change he made himself, when he removed a single link
across all the pages on his website. After doing that he regain his ranking.
He never saw such a low traffic to his site. what about back link warning? he believes that was due to negative SEO
attempt. That’s terrifying stuff. He filed 3 reconsideration requests, each returned with the messages, no spam actions found. Was Thies suffer with a warning but not one related with a penalty?

He also asked Cutts about this case. Cutts said that normally a link warning is a sign of decling ranking. But If the
website owner is proactive and fixes the problem soon and send a reconsideration request fast enough, that every chance
he might prevent a decline.

Solving The Concerns
Cutts expect he’ll continue to see discussions about negative SEO, with a firm mind that it’s really a major concern for
everyone. Increasing concern is most only due to cheaper back links available everywhere. Thies got warning after 24000
back links pointing towards his site in a single day.
Further confusion arises because some people lost traffic due to Penguin but still not be victims of a site penalty at
all. Google just only blocked some links and not give any credit to them. If sites only depends on these bad links then
they will see a decline because Google captured and pulled off their worth. once someone feels that his site traffic hit
due to penguin update only way to get out of the situation is to clean up things. Cleaning spam is only the way to get
back on the track according to Matt Cutts.

One good thing comes out of this SEO discussion that Google not penalize sites just for bad back links pointing at them.
Google just only not give worth to those links. But still they don’t penalize the site. That’s truly an excellent method
for defusing negative SEO concerns.

we also believe that negative SEO is not strictly hit by Penguin that much people frightened. It seems more likely they
hit by spam they were actively concerned in, rather than a competitor can.

How to Recover back From Penguin?
We are going to give you some really fruitful and precious penguin and seo tips that really help you to recover back
your website if it is hit in penguin update. If your traffic decreased on after April 24.

Clean up on page seo spam you know you have deliberately done
Clean up bad off page seo links you know you have been participated with, as maximum as you can from your side and rest
leave to the next penguin update.
If it doesn’t improve again than try further to clean up your site. or start all over again with a fresh site
If you firmly believe you were wrongly hit by penguin, than file a report.
A list of WordPress plug-ins that actually insert hidden links that you dont know. If some of these links added to your
site they will certainly caused a penalty and penalize your site.