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Search optimisation

Search optimisation means to get all the possible benefit from search while some one is searching a specific keyword, Search optimisation is the bigger part of search engine optimization, because during SEO, you just target search engine liking and disliking, but search optimisation is a wider field having more importance.
First of all you have to keep in mind how to optimize your site and keyword in the search engines, for that you have to apply all the SEO tools and techniques that we already have discussed in our home page, once you apply these tools and SEO techniques properly, you will see how your site search optimisation grows in the search engine.
once engine search optimisation have done by you, than you have to find some other ways to increase your site or keyword search or search optimisation. Best way to do this, is to join and promote your site and keywords in social media networks, more importantly to the face book and twitter, because these both social networking sites are followed by million billion of people around the globe. join communities, groups and pages, try to enhance your community as much as you can every day, than put forward your site information and details to all the community, if they like your site and material than u should rest be assure that
your search optimisation has been done immensely.
search optimisation can be done with two types of traffic, direct traffic and indirect traffic, indirect traffic always comes from search engines, and direct traffic comes from social media networks. They both have their value and important, search optimisation cannot be completed with any missing factor from both of these.
Experts and top business men always believes that 45%importance in search optimisation is posses by SEO that contains all the techniques i.e. on page optimization, off page optimization, content, article writing, link building, forum posting. And the remains 55% contains by social media networks, because they can extract hell a lot traffic directly, that is always so beneficial
It is not wrong if we say that search optimisation is far more important than just SEO. But also keep in mind search optimisation without SEO is also nothing,
sites just look like bodies without soul, people not trust on the sites that have no authority in the search engines. so keep on following this new strategy in the web promotion world specially after Google penguin update.