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Course outline of SEO Training

  • What is SEO? Fundamentals of SEO.
  • Keyword Research: Keyword extraction Tools, selection criteria, Organic vs. PPC
    Keyword grouping.
  • What is on page SEO? its importance and implementation.
  • OFF page SEO, its importance, techniques and tools.
  • SEO content writing styles and effectiveness.
  • Link building, number of ways to get back links.
  • Importance of quality and PR links and how to get them.
  • Social media role and importance for SEO.
  • SEO tools, paid and unpaid tools with their use and effectiveness.
  • Google Webmaster tools.
  • Number of ways to earn online.
  • What is adsense? in-depth strategies to earn with it.
  • Business sales driven strategies.
  • Recent and expected updates and changes of SEO
  • SEO future, and expected returns on investments with it.
  • The importance of patience during Search Engine Optimization
  • Many more SEO services and techniques are explained by our SEO specialist.

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